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My Children:
I come to bring you the blessings from on high, charged with the forces of Love, Harmony, and Unity. With these forces you and I work together to bless humanity, thereby helping to uplift it out of the darkness, confusion, and discouragement which seem to prevail. Single-pointedly we must work together to encourage those who are ever devoted, loyal, and true to the eternal principles; and those serving in the cause of humanity who are working to apply those principles in daily living; and to all others seeking the Light and life’s true meaning.
Many years ago I spoke to you of the need to come closer to the Light of the Christos in its radiant and dazzling splendor. My Children, come closer to the holy Feast, and partake of its Spiritual food. Come closer and listen to the Great Message impinging on the aura of humanity, ringing out to all, clear, true, and powerful. I would have you see the deep need to come closer to those vibrant, pulsating, and uplifting forces endeavoring to help all to a higher plane of consciousness. The higher forces move steadily on, even though it be amidst a world full of darkness, confusion, doubts, uncertainties, and frustration which continually try to destroy the constructive efforts of those guiding and ruling life on all planes. Come closer, my Children, to the Holy Presence. Come in reverence and gratitude for all the spiritual help given you in your hours of need.
I cannot, must not, do this for you. I cannot carry you. I can only stand and wait for you to turn and put your hand in mine. We must do this together. The help and succor is always there for anyone who asks. This sustenance has never deserted you. You have only to ask in good Faith and it will flow into you in measure beyond belief. Do not turn from the true purpose of The Temple and its work for the human race. Great is the inner accomplishment of even a few who work in Harmony, Love, and Unity.
You have been told by me countless times that Life is a continual battle between the pairs of opposites, the positive and negative poles, personality and principle, Love and hate, Light and darkness. The separative forces wave their wands of stupor, lethargy, and indolence over the unwary, attempting to destroy any and all higher qualities and ideals. You must know it is a constant battle every step of the way. However, you must also know that, ultimately, the opposing forces are powerless against the Eternal Principles. But you must prove this daily by holding fast.
As you are able to overcome these lower forces and align your selves with the eternal principles, so are you able to become vehicles for higher forces and instruments for Lodge use and service which enables the Lodge to carry on its plans to raise humanity to a higher level of consciousness. In this way, you are working in close cooperation with Us on inner planes. The unifying forces of the Lodge are constantly at work to bring to fruition this great ideal of conscious Unity with All That Is.
The Great White Lodge awaits your necessary awakening and your conscious transformations that are so vital. The Divine Adjusters, known to you as the Lords of Karma, exact an accounting of all discordant elements, and then patiently wait for the restoration of the broken spiritual lines, when harmony will be restored and all creatures reunited with the Divine Father/Mother.
The sorrow, suffering, and devastation of past years have been awakening a new state of consciousness and a deeper sense of spiritual truth, regardless of sect, creed, or dogma. You are charged with demonstrating in your daily lives your own unique view of this awakening, and how it transforms your life. Do not endlessly talk of your transformation; rather, be your transformation.
You must build in accordance with the divine plan. You must obey the laws of centralization and discipleship. You must vibrate with principle rather than personality. You must work for the good of all to defeat anything that blocks the true purpose of The Temple. This is work you were chosen to do many years ago, work demanding sincere desire and deep devotion to the eternal principles. All of this work requires pure aspiration and a deep reverence for the Master of Masters, the Christos.
I now ask you, as I have asked many times, to guard well the Spiritual treasures accumulated over the years. Guard well the work accomplished in each and every heart. Guard well the brotherly/sisterly relationships existing between you. Preserve harmony in your hearts, so that it may go out to all others for their inner help and strength.

Your Father-brother,

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