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After several years in the making, Eleanor L. Shumway and Karen M. White’s visual history book Images of America: Halcyon is now available through the Halcyon Book Concern.  The price is $30 which includes tax as well as U.S. shipping and handling. Visit our Book Order Form page to order a copy.

From the introduction:

A new cooperative colony was established in the Arroyo Grande valley of California in 1903. Its founders were directed to a rural setting nestled between Arroyo Grande and Oceano on the Central Coast of California. They called the place Halcyon, a Greek word meaning peaceful and calm.

“Organized by a new theosophical movement called The Temple, it was an attempt to practice the Christian Golden Rule in a communal setting of liberty, equality, and fraternity,” writes historian Paul Ivey in his 2013 monograph Radiance from Halcyon, A Utopian Experiment in Religion and Science ; he is one of several scholars of religion and communal settlement to study the group since the 1960s.

The accomplishments of the Temple of the People in the 20th century tell a story of foundational work filled with sacrifice, idealism, dedication, frustration, tolerance, learning, joy, and love. Some people have come to Halcyon expecting a utopia inhabited by saintly beings and have left deeply disappointed. They found a group of ordinary human beings with ordinary strengths and weaknesses, united by a desire to live the Golden Rule (Do to others what you would want them to do to you), knowing that love can and does transcend all eventually. It is a simple ideal and a difficult assignment, but it is one that all work on and one that nourishes as it challenges the very best within each human being.

The historic town of Halcyon is the home of the Temple of the People. Although not everyone who lives here is a member, most are dedicated to the ideals of the Golden Rule, and that atmosphere is contagious. As you walk through this visual history, you will see people from across the years living out and working on these ideals.

Radiance from Halcyon: A Utopian Experiment in Religion and Science

Radiance from Halcyon is an intriguing account of how the little-known utopian religious community Halcyon profoundly influenced modern science. Paul Eli Ivey’s narrative offers a wide-ranging cultural history, encompassing Theosophy, novel healing modalities, esoteric architecture, Native American concepts of community, socialist utopias, and innovative modern music.

“As radiant as the utopian world it excavates, Paul Eli Ivey’s deeply researched and immensely original work provides an x-ray vision of an esoteric California on the edge of global Theosophy. Radiance from Halcyon is a mesmerizing tale of mystical kinship and communitarian experiments fusing architecture, landscape, music, and science that reverberate powerfully into the present.” 

— Molly McGarry, author of Ghosts of Futures Past: Spiritualism

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Theogenesis presents a third section of the Ancient Stanzas of Dzyan. The first two sections, Cosmogenesis and Anthropogenesis, were published with commentaries by Madame Helena P. Blavatsky in The Secret Doctrine. Theogenesis continues in this tradition, with commentaries following each Stanza. The current edition of Theogenesis also includes a selection of the writings of Dr. William H. Dower, co-founder of The Temple of the People. This section of 44 chapters, each with a separate index, contains Occultism for Beginners; Biological Chemistry and Occult Relations; Evolutionary Waves; and the Basic Principle of Brotherhood.

Theogenesis, with Selected Writings of Dr. Dower. 548 pages, two indices, illustrated with black and white plates. 6¼”×9″ hardbound edition. $26.00.
Theogenesis only, in Russian. $26.00.
Theogenesis only, in German. $26.00.

Temple Messages

From 1926 to 1929, The Temple of the People received a collection of messages from the Masters of the White Lodge which were originally bound in two mimeographed volumes: the Red Folio and the Yellow Folio. Temple Messages combines the material from both folios with a glossary into one volume.

Temple Messages. 183 pages, two indices, glossary, illustrated with two black and white plates. 5½”×8¾” hardbound edition. $16.00.

Teachings of the Temple

Volume One of Teachings of the Temple, published in 1925 and reprinted in 1948, is available along with Volumes Two and Three, published in 1985. A 3-part textbook on brother/sisterhood, higher consciousness and right living, Teachings of the Temple puts the student in tune with the divine and natural plan of evolution of humanity.

Teachings of the Temple, Volume One, 2nd Edition. 661 pages, index, glossary, illustrated with black and white plates. 5½”× 8¼” hardbound edition. $16.00.
Teachings of the Temple, Volume One, in Russian. $16.00.
Teachings of the Temple, Volume One, in German. $16.00.
Teachings of the Temple, Volume Two. 450 pages, index, plates. 5½”×8¼” hardbound edition. $16.00.
Teachings of the Temple, Volume Three. 450 pages, index. 5½×8¼” hardbound edition. $16.00.
3-volume set: $40.00.

From the Mountain Top

The inspirational messages in the three volumes entitled From the Mountain Top express the wisdom and compassion of Those who have guided and directed humanity throughout the ages.

From the Mountain Top, Volume One, 2nd Edition. 278 pages, index. 5¾”×8¾” hardbound edition. $16.00.
From the Mountain Top, Volume One, in German. $16.00.
From the Mountain Top, Volume Two. 279 pages, index. 5¾”×8¾” hardbound edition. $16.00.
From the Mountain Top, Volume Three. 144 pages, index. 5¾”×8¾” hardbound edition. $16.00.
3-volume set: $40.00.