Daily Noon Healing Service

Divine Love, Life, Reality, open our hearts to knowledge of Thy Power and Wisdom, and to recognition of our Divine Birthright in Thee.

With the Holy Fire which ascends from this Thy Altar, we offer consecrated service to Thee, and our brothers and sisters everywhere.

May the flame of our Human Love ascend and unite with Divine Love, to shower rich blessings over every living thing and creature.

In the strength of the Christos do we repel all evil from this Thy Holy Altar and Sanctuary.

May the sacred Fire of Spiritual Love touch our hearts and lips that we may speak the words of life, and be fit guardians of the Truth and Wisdom bequeathed to us in trust for all humanity.    AMEN.

To Thee, O Spirit of Life, we humbly pray that our hearts may now be cleansed from that which prevents the realization of our unity with Thee, and unity with our Brothers and Sisters everywhere.

May we become willing instruments through which Thy great Love and healing power may flow for the healing of all those who are in need of help.  AMEN.

We pray that all those who seek our assistance be found worthy to benefit by this Service in the Holy Temple of the Masters.

May the Masters replenish those seeking aid with Love, Wisdom, and Strength. May those seeking aid persevere in the way of Holiness, and serve joyfully in the course that is ordained for them.  AMEN.

In the name of the Eternal Light and Love of the Christos, we pray for Health, Strength, and Wisdom to ever enfold our Guardian in Chief(pause), Temple Officers (pause), all Temple members here and elsewhere who are in need of help (pause), and everyone who is searching for the Light.

We pray that the Light of the Logos may shine into the hearts of people everywhere and, in ever increasing volume, may that Logos—the Higher Self—give wise and righteous impulse to the heart consciousness of those in exalted positions who guide the destiny of this planet for the good and welfare of all Humanity.  AMEN.

Though we call Thee God or Lord or Christ or Buddha; though we call Thee Jehovah or Master, Krishna or Osiris, yet from our very call comes the serene assurance that Thou dost hear our voices; that Thou hast long foreseen our need; long foreseen to its fulfillment; and long awaited our recognition of Thy beneficence.

Not only through pain and suffering is Thy Will made manifest, for joy and beauty burn equally in the creation of Thy Universe. Help us daily to respond with Gratitude and Obedience, both inviolable to the Creative Law which, from heights beyond our conception, shines into the shadowy depths of our own creation.

Let each day of our lives be marked with Hope, Faith, Wisdom, and Courage, in patient realization of Thy Presence. May Thy Power flow through us to those around us who make up our daily lives, for they are witness to Thy Creation of every Kingdom of Nature.

Help us to see and know that we are God, in God, of God. All things, all creatures, are in us and we in them.  AMEN.

We stand on the Mount Supernal of our Spiritual Divine Selves, our hearts free from hatred for any creature or being, free from fear of any state or condition, our souls given in service, consecrated to God and to Humanity.

 Faith, Love, Compassion, Beauty, Wisdom, Truth, the Light of Life Eternal surround and pervade us.

Mingled with these as one, in Rhythmic Essence, we await the Voice of the Master, which shall thrill through our beings in tones unmistakable, pointing us to duty unerring, with power and joy in abundance.

That we be not overcome by the immensity of sound that sweeps through us, nor blinded by the Grandeur of Light that breaks upon us, we will seat ourselves in silence for a spell, and fix our gaze upon the Swan, the Bird of Life, the symbol of poise of the Ancients, ever balanced, ever directed aright, as it wings its course of adjustment through the varying elements.

Let us meditate.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .AMEN.

I place my heart upon your own that you may be welded together as one. Let nothing come near to disturb these days of the Great Peace, that sacred peace, in which the soul grows, as does the holy flower upon the still lagoons.

You climb from opposite points of Life, but it is the same stairway, the final mount of which will always bring you together in every effort or problem. Never halt on any less than the topmost step through doubt or fear. Such alone can separate you and blacken the step on which you halt.

Whenever difficulty of understanding falls upon you, always climb higher until you reach the broader landing at the top, on which opens the door of the house of Wisdom and Learning, the Temple of your own souls and hearts, the home of the Master and all most dear to Him and you.

There alone can you find peace and happiness. The Light from that Home shines clear and wide to help you in that climb. The fire on that hearth burns bright to warm and cheer you when you enter.

Father—Mother—Son in One: Make of our lives a shrine wherein we give thanks to the great Father-Mother for all the gifts bestowed upon us, that we may have life more abundant. May we pass on to others that life which gives strength to the weak and weary, thus becoming one with the Whole and making of our lives a real Thanks Giving. AMEN

In the name of Eternal Light, Life, and Love—

In the name of that Divineness that inheres in all grades of matter and Spirit—

In the name of the beauty, fragrance, and form in the flower world,

The refreshing green of Nature,

The Spirit of Flame in Fire,

The Outpouring of Life from Stars and Sun in Celestial Spaces—

In the name of all that is pure and holy, we ask that this Service be blessed, and that its radiant essence may consecrate us to Selfless Service now and forevermore.   AMEN.


There is a Peace that passeth understanding.

There is a Power that maketh all things new. It lives and moves in those who know the Self as One.

May that Peace brood over us, that power uplift us, till we stand where the One Great Initiator is invoked.

And may the Holy Trinity of Love, Will, and Wisdom be with us now and forevermore.   AMEN.