The Purpose of the Temple

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The purpose of The Temple can be summed up as five definite objectives:

First: To formulate spiritual truths as fundamental factors in human evolution. This does not mean the formulation of a creed, but rather the recognition of the spiritual instinct inherent in all human beings. Every religion that the world has known has been an attempt to interpret this primary impulse in human nature. To the extent that individuals are able to interpret this impulse wisely, humanity is able to understand what true religion is.

Second: To set forth a philosophy of life that is in harmony with Natural and Divine Law.

Third: To promote the study of the sciences and the fundamental facts and laws on which the sciences are based; to extend belief and knowledge from the known to the unknown, from the physical to the super-physical; and ultimately to reach an understanding of the spiritual teachings which have been given to humanity from time to time.

Fourth: To promote the study and practice of the Arts, showing that the Arts are in reality the application of knowledge to human good and welfare.

Fifth: The promotion of knowledge of a true social science based on immutable law, showing the relationship between all people, between each person and God, and between humanity and nature. Once these relationships are understood, humanity will instinctively formulate and follow the Law of true Brother/Sisterhood. It is ignorance that perpetuates separateness. Once humanity can spiritually see the interrelationship and interdependence of all things, the Law of Unity begins to operate instantaneously.

Remember, the Temple of The People as a principle includes the whole world. Humanity will become a mighty power for good when it is universally attuned to the ideal of unselfish service, with each individual mind open and receptive to truth from every angle.

As a concrete Temple comes into manifestation, it also gives form to the spiritual forces and qualities that will become of priceless value for practical ends. The foundation stones of The Temple are RELIGION, SCIENCE and ECONOMICS. True religion must have a scientific basis, and a right economic system must have a foundation in a science that is religious and a religion that is scientific. Therefore, these three aspects are all important.

The keynote of effort for all humanity at this time is to retemple the earth with the fires of spiritual knowledge, wisdom and service to and for all; to unify the races of the earth in bonds of Universal Brother/Sisterhood; and to find the practical applications of the great spiritual principles and truths imparted to humanity now and in past ages. When humanity evolves to harmony with this great keynote, all people will recognize the God within and live accordingly.

The Temple of the People has always recognized as privileged the value, importance and self-responsibility of each individual, the main purpose of which is the daily application of the Golden Rule.