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Words of Force

Out of the darkness shineth the Light of the Glorified Triple Star into the hearts of humanity, raising the pulse of the Cosmic Heart and driving the shadows into the blackness of the Great Abyss.



I believe that in me dwelleth every good and perfect Spirit. Believing this, I will show forth this day, by thought, word and deed, all that perfection that dwelleth in me.

I am one with God and all Good. Evil hath no power over me.

Though clouds and darkness seem to be about me, yet dwell I eternally in the Light.


The Avataric Mantram

I will endeavor to realize the Presence of the Avatar as a living Power in my life.


Great Unifier

By W.H. Dower


Great Unifier!

Spirit of Universal Harmony,

Love and Wisdom:

Bind thou in bonds of Holy Brotherhood,

Bind thou in bonds of Holy Brotherhood

All Temple children.


Consecration Hymn

Holy Father, Only Son,

Holy Spirit, Three in One,

Filled with trust we bow to thee,

Power and force and majesty.


All we are or hope to be

Here and now we offer thee;

Take and use it for thy Child,

Sinless, pure and undefiled.


Pour thy Spirit on us now

As with lowly hearts we bow

At thy footstool seeking Love,

Truth and Knowledge from Above.


Bread of the World

Bread of the World, by us here broken,

Water of Life, a cleansing flood.

Feed us in Love, be this our token,

That in Thy Life we are renewed.


Cleanse from our hearts all signs of sorrow;

Lift up our souls to see Thy face.

Radiant with love the glorious morrow,

Shedding on us the Light of Thy Grace.


Narrow the Path our feet are treading;

Lone is the way to heights above.

Sure in the knowledge Thou art leading,

Help us to follow in Thy Love.


Rallying Cry of the Red Ray

Enter in, dear Father, enter in, dear Mother,

Enter in, dear sister, enter in, dear brother,

Enter in, dear Father, enter in, dear Mother,

And another little sister and another brother too.

Enter in, dear Father, enter in, dear Mother,

And the sons and daughters of the Lord Our God.


This is an invocation to the Creative Forces of the Universe: the Father-Force, the Mother-Force, the Brother-Force, the Sister-Force. It should be sung in perfect unison, as much like a trumpet call as possible. The Rallying Cry has a great power for good or ill, and should never be sung except with a pure motive and self-consecration to the Highest. Even when sounded mentally, in times of trouble or oppression, it will do much to dispel the darkness in one’s soul.


Hymn of Thanksgiving

By Francia A. LaDue


All thanks to Thee, Thou Power Supreme,

Father and Mother, Son in One,

To all the blessed Sons of Light,

Guiding our wand’ring souls aright.


Humbly and gratefully we raise

Songs triumphant in Thy praise.

Glory and honor be to Thee,

Christ of God, eternally.


His Holy Temple

By Francia A. LaDue


The hand of God had fallen heavy on me,

The shadows of life’s evening closed around me;

Noise and confusion reigned about me;

Nowhere was there rest.


Nowhere on the earth was aught but sorrow.

No hope in looking forward to the morrow,

When lo! I heard a voice, a heav’nly echo,

“Peace, my child, be still.”



God is in His Holy Temple,

God is in His Holy Temple,

God is in His Holy Temple,

Let all the earth be still.

Let all the earth be silent,

Let all the earth be silent,

Let all the earth be silent,

Be silent before Him.

Be silent,

Be silent,

Be silent before Him.


Warriors of Light

Warriors of Light,

Warriors of Truth,

I salute you

In the name of the Great White Brotherhood.

Go forth to battle with the Powers of Darkness,

Armed with the sword of the Spirit of God,

The breastplate of righteousness,

The helmet of Eternal Truth!

See to it then that no stain rest on that Armor,

No rust on that sword,

That ye may become One with Us.

On that Great Day,

Be with Us,

Be with Us.


Gitche Manito, The Mighty

Music from Aida by Verdi, arranged by Jane W. Kent and Gussie A. Beyer. Words by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.


Gitche Manito, the mighty

Calls the tribes of men together,

Calls the warriors to His council,

Gitche Manito, the mighty,

The Creator of the nations

Look’d upon them with compassion

With paternal love and pity,

Look’d upon their wrath and wrangling

But as quarrels among children;

Over them He stretch’d His right hand,

To subdue their stubborn natures,

To allay their thirst and fever,

Spake to them with voice majestic

As the sound of far off waters,

Falling into deep abysses:

O my children! my poor children!

Listen to the words of wisdom,

Listen to the words of warning,

From the lips of the Great Spirit,

From the Master of Life who made you!

“I am weary of your quarrels,

Of your wrangling and dissensions;

All your strength is in your union,

All your danger is in discord;

I will send a prophet to you,

A Deliverer of the nations,

Who shall guide you and shall teach you,

Who shall toil and suffer with you.

If you listen to His counsels,

You will multiply and prosper;

If His warnings pass unheeded,

You will fade away and perish!

Bathe now in the stream before you,

Wash the war paint from your faces,

Smoke the calumet together,

And as brothers live henceforward.”


Here in Thy Temple

Words by Duncan Ferguson. Music by Ebba Whitney.


Here in Thy Temple, Lord, today,

We come to sing, to praise and pray.

Quicken our wills, O Lord, to say,

We will deal kindly, Lord, today.


Before Thy Altar, Lord, we plead

For grace to see and serve each need.

Grant us the will some soul to feed

With heav’nly manna, bread — indeed.


Here in Thy Temple, Lord, today,

Teach us the Law, the Christos Way.

Grant us the Grace to love, obey

And to walk wisely, Lord — today.


Creeds Disappear, Hearts Remain

By Winogene Savage


Only one God, most high, supreme, chanted with many names,

Worship’d thru all the world is He in countless shrines and fanes,*

And his dear hand is reaching forth to still all cries of pain:

In that one love that covers all, Creeds Disappear, Hearts Remain.


Only one God, most high, supreme, Allah, Jehovah hears;

Ahura Mazda comforteth; his children dry their tears.

Brahma the Mighty listens near, never a cry is vain.

In that one love that comforts all, Creeds Disappear, Hearts Remain.


Only one God, most high, supreme, Father God knows his own;

Hears every voice that worships Him, even to carven stone! —

Pours out his Love to every form and hallows every fane,*

In Him the mighty All in All, Creeds Disappear, Hearts Remain.


*Fane: [Archaic] A temple or church.


Shine on My Heart

Shine on my heart both by day and by night,

Bright Temple star of my faith.

Star that shines over the cradle and grave,

Lighten each step of my Path.


Seek every spot where the shadows do fall,

Sweet Temple star of my hope.

Bring all the courage I need at my call,

With every danger to cope.


And when my sisters have taught me to know

Love, we can dwell but in Thee.

Brightest of stars bid me each day to shine

In thine own great galaxy.


Build the Temple

Build the Temple strong and right;

Build it of the whitest light.

Build it of all colors true,

Build of heart light through and through.

Build the soul of Spirit thought,

As the stars by God are wrought.

Build each thought of petals true,

As the rose and lotus do.


Build the mind of loving care,

Spreading kindness everywhere;

Build the body clean and sweet,

Fit for Holy Love to greet.

Building forces everywhere,

Birds and flowers and earth and air;

Build the world with all our might,

Build with God, Divinest right.



Father, Mother, Sister, Brother,

Central Sun of Love and Light,

Let me sleep and let me waken

Where thy rays are shining bright

In the hearts of all thy children,

In the home of pure delight.