Posted by on August 6, 2012

My Beloved Children:

This year I have asked you to concentrate on Acceptance.  This means  a total receiving of each other without the intent to change or judge yourself, your brother or your sister.  Time and time again have I told you that when you imagine some act of yours is such a “little thing” that it is of no consequence in the Divine Scheme of Life, you forget the Divine Scheme is built of the small courtesies, the kindnesses, the smiles, the complete acceptance of each other, the recognition of the unity of all created life.  The Divine Scheme is torn apart by anything less.

The Divine Scheme is built not by large deeds on heroic scale, but rather by small daily, hourly acts of thought, words and deeds with and for each other.  By conscious choice you must exercise Spiritual Will.  I tell you yet again that the Will is a spiritual attribute which must be cultivated more assiduously than a corresponding mental faculty if it is to evolve power and expression.  It is an attribute which belongs to the spiritual man or woman, and which in addition to other spiritual attributes, the Soul is striving to correlate with corresponding attributes in the lower man or woman, in order to enable the individual to function simultaneously and perfectly on all planes of manifestation.  But, my children, do not confuse Will with stubbornness.  The latter belongs to the mental plane, the former to the spiritual.

True growth is slow growth guided by the intuition.  Begin by formulating in your mind an act to be willed, such as acceptance.   Decide on the time, methods, etc., you will devote to that special act of the Will; and then set to work in a methodical, persistent manner to bring about such acceptance.  Start with acceptance of yourselves.  Hold yourself still in the silence of your inner beings, and without judging or using such words as “wrong or right,” “good or bad,” see yourself, with all your faults and strengths, as an expression of the Divine Scheme.  With the clarity of your heart, acknowledge your strengths and use them to work consciously on other attributes you need to rectify.  Next, use the same techniques to include all others in your clear vision and clear heart.  Accept yourself and others as expressions of All That Is, being in the right place, at the right time, doing and saying the right thing.  Do this in spite of what your mind is busy shouting at you to the contrary. The more you practice Acceptance, the more you can accept, and the more you become a conscious part of every cell of the manifested universe.

Again I tell you, My faith in what you do grows as you grow, grows as you try. My dear children, such growing comes from the heart of each of us and is the very definition of time itself. Treasure it.

Do not reduce my love for you to a yearly impulse. Let us recognize our unending responsibility to each other in our hourly, daily, as well as yearly, greetings. Ours is a deep love for each other that truly embraces the Temple and the world. It is exemplified by our conduct and acceptance which is not to be simply found. It can only grow minute by minute, day by day, in the hearts of those you and I call humanity, and for whom you and I are unwaveringly responsible.

In love and tenderness,

Your Father/Brother Hilarion