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Dear Temple-Sisters and Brothers, dear Friends,

Again Convention comes nearer.  At the same time – there is said – the Masters will come together, in order to interchange views and ideas and to pour forth their constructive energies into the world. We, as a brotherhood, have the instruction to operate in oneness and SOLIDARITY, to be able to  pass on this energies.

“The basic essence of SOLIDARITY is UNITY. In perfect Unity all factors are interchangeable. Anything may revolve, change into or take on the attributes of anything else. Spirit becomes Matter and Matter may re-become Spirit. Hence the basic of the Law of Evolution is found in the Law of SOLIDARITY.  Inorganic matter becomes organic. The stone becomes a plant, the plant an animal, the animal a man, the man a God. This is because more and more of Deific Consciousness is drawn to some one point until that point is raised to supernal states of consciousness, form and power.
Reduced to definite terms, there is one great synthetic Truth that is consciously realized when the fundamentals of the philosophy of SOLIDARITY are grasped.  This Truth, however overwhelming and staggering in its vastness, is both literal and symbolic. Once understood, it dignifies and glorifies all things and creatures, great and small. It levels the freest, highest god or being and exalts the meanest serf.”” (TT II, The Pilosophical Aspect of Solidarity, p. 40)

Our task is, to invite the Christ and to prepare a place where peace and SOLIDARITY reigns. This SOLIDARITY has to be practised with our families,  neighbours, at work, in town and country, between nations and in relationship to mother Earth. The exercise is always at hand. We heve not to search for opportunities, but we should recognize and accept them.
We have to “comprehend that the ultimate cause of all that anguish and all the suffering, all the loneliness, the useless effort, is due alone to the separation of soul from soul – of the created from the Creator – the Father-Mother from the child; THEN – and then only he comes to a realization of the awfulness of the SIN OF SEPARATENESS.” (TT I  Nr. 125, p. 325)

“It will be of no consequence whether you be a member of a church or any other organization, or a free lance among the unorganized, but it will be of much consequence whether or not you are ableto hear the call of your Higher Self.
It may be made through my lips at the present moment, or through the lips of a child, a beggar, a woman of the street, or a prison bound criminal, at the next moment, but whenever or however it comes, memory should bring back to you some measure of your own experience, and incite you to answer – and then to forget that you had answered, if you are inclined to expect an outer expression of appreciation.
You will find it difficult to hear that call if Your inner ears are still sealed by the sense of separateness – the belief that separation between bodies extends to souls.
Only the realization of the essential unity of all things, all people, will unseal the ears and eyes of the soul, and finally bring about the annihilation of suffering.” (TT I, Nr. 136, p. 350/1)

“O, my children, could you but realize that the one word “SEPARATENESS” holds the key to all such suffering! Could you but force your hearts to respond to your brains when you attempt to synthesize the life forces and gain some intellectual concept of unity, and so reach to the certainty of spiritual knowledge that the same soulessence that is pulsing  through your own hearts is likewise pulsing through the heart of every other human being, good, bad or indifferent! If you could feel, intuitively, that the great Love Energy toward which  your soul is reaching with such unspeakable anguish and longing is likewise appealing to you through the eyes of every living creature, whether or not the intellectual part of that creature is conscious of the fact, and that it is only a matter of greater or less experience which keeps both it and you from recognizing your relationship and duty to each other! Never, until your own heart is melted by the true spiritual fire of love for all that lives, will it be possible for you to pass on over the top of those heights of loneliness.” (TT Nr. 63, p. 154)

We should not only meet them with SOLIDARITY, which we find agreeable, but also others, who – in our opinion – have a wrong mode of acting. That is the big challenge!!! We must not approve of everything, but we should not deprive any person  of our  good-will.

“Consider the Inner World of Light of which the material world is but a reflected – unstable and shadowy replica. In this outer world is vividly sensed the panoramic shifting of these shadows, confusing the reflected consciousness of the Higher Ego – distorting the outer lines and yualities that correspon to the real inner lines, until the reflected higher consciousness is hopelessly entangled in the web of separateness and the illusory aspects of matter. And there is no way back save by stilling the outer vibrations and in drawing the consciousness to the Fifth plane – the first plane of Universality and Impersonality where the lines of differentiation begin to merge, and to become One.
In this inner realm, Light is the Vesture of God – the Eternalized Reality that forever ensouls all outer Light.” (TT I, Nr. 236, p. 569-70)

“When he has taken the last upward step of that ladder he has lost all sense of SEPARATENESS.” (TT I, 183, p. 458)

It´s a long way to Cosmic consciousness, “a state of spiritual uplift which the soul of man may enter under certain conditions of development and where all knowledge is attainable. In an effort to describe the indescribable in a few words we might say, it is a state of being in which the consciousness of the individual is merged in the consciousness of every living thing and all sense of separateness is temporarily lost, while at the same time the sense of individuality remains. But no normal human being of the present races of the earth could remain in bondage to form and continue to function in that state of exaltation for any length of time; consequently when one attains to the state of spiritual consciousness referred to, the experience is instantaneous. Such an experience cannot be measured in terms of time; were it otherwise the rapid vibrations of that Spiritual state would disintegrate his gross body.” (TT I, Nr. 139, p. 356)

We would be back in our Fathers home. Thoughts and deeds of SOLIDARITY are the paving-stones of this desireable path.

Yours as always with love

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