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Compiled from TT by Annegret Liebig
May 2013

Dear Temple sitters and –brothers, dear friends,

Inspired by a conversation with a dear friend of mine, I tried to find out more about the idea of IDENTITY and its continued survival.

In The T.T.  “HUMAN RACE,”  we read: “The First Race possessed only race consciousness. The knowledge evolved through differentiation and experience was an unknown quantity to the units of that Race.
The IDENTITY of each unit was then hidden in the IDENTITY of the race, and could only be uncovered by SELF- CONSCIOUS experience on the Seven planes – the seven stages of existence; but once uncovered, brought to recognition of itself, IDENTITY can never be entirely lost again. It is necessary that You bear in mind the fact that the same Egos, the same INDIVIDUALITIES which incarnated in the First Race will be the incarnating Egos of the seventh, as they have been the Egos of all the intermediate Races of the Present Manvantara. (TT I, Nr. 111, p. 291)

“SELF-CONSCIOUSNESS – the consciousness of existence as an individualized life – has awakened in three-fold activity, Desire, Will and Mind – the deific forces – in other words, the soul.” TT I, Nr. 73, p. 189/90)

“We speak of the Ego ….. and all the other differentiations of the higher realms of thought and being, but they may all be summed up in the two words IDENTITY and Intelligence – the I AM- of the Divine Soul, the knowledge that “I” as an INDIVIDUAL conscious intelligent being, am alive and evolving according to a definite Divine prototype – a greater “I AM” The group soul itself must evolve as well as the atoms of the group; as any one part is developed the whole group is evolved.” (TT II, SOUL IDENTITY, p. 326/7)

Human development is not only for one self and nobody can use his development for his self-interest, even if You wanted to, because everything is connected in a way.

“Until a student of life can accept the facts, at least tentatively, that consciousness is the one eternal reality, and that all else is illusion – reflection- he can never rest in the certainty of attainment in any field of thru philosophy. With every increase of the vibratory pulse of a world, the increase which takes place on the upward arc of a cycle of time, the mentality of man enters an entirely new field of adventure.” (TTI, Nr. 182, p. 453)

“True knowledge is the sensing and realization of an inner light back of every fact, and which light can only be known by actual identification with it, mentally and spiritually. In other words, to truly know, we must become the thing which we wish to know. We must again become identified and unified. With its inner light and spirit. Therefore, real knowledge and wisdom can never be gained by mere study of printed books. Knowing this, the student of life and its mysteries, the great fundamental, moral and spiritual truth on which the Cosmos, the Heavenly as well as the earthly man is built. It is pointed out that on this divine plan each one is the builder of his own soul and the architect of his own immortality.”(TT II, TRUE KNOWLEDGE, p. 266)

“To every human being has been given some particular field of work, for training in and performance of which he is best fitted by nature and desire. It matters not whether that work is to rule a nation, to build a road, or to take up some profession or trade; it is his divinely appointed task. As a general thing, his restlessness, his discontent, or tendency to crime is the result of his betrayal of his task, his not raising his work to the highest point of it. All that impedes his efforts is by way of preparing and inciting him to raise the scale and quality of his work, for perfection is the ultimate aim of the soul of man.” (TT I, Nr. 230, p, 560)

So let´s not be impatient with ourselves or others!

“It has taken millions of years to evolve the vehicle through which the consciousness of the ego can function sufficiently to allow it to become a SELF-CONSCIOUS entity, that is, conscious of itself as an evolutionary factor capable of attaining to liberation. Then what satisfactory reason can there be for believing a few month or years are sufficient for the completion of that purpose, i. e. the unifying of SELF-CONSCIOUSNESS with the consciousness of the Cosmos?” (TT I, Nr. 231, p. 565)

Even the so called death does not rob us of our consciousness and our IDENTITY.

“One difficulty which often arises in the mind of a new student when considering the life of a Devachanee is caused by his strong sense of separateness, his inability to realize that he, the Real Self or incarnating Ego, does not pass from one of the states or planes of matter at any time. He is manifesting on all of these planes all of the time. He is reflecting just as much of his Real Self as it is possible for him to reflect within the forms he has built of substance and energy by differing rates of vibration. Symbolically, those forms are robes in which he has clothed his IDENTITY. Each one of those forms has a consciousness of its own which identifies it with all other forms of the same rate of vibration. When one of the forms is dissipated after death, the consciousness of the of the real self is not changed. It is just as much alive and functions just as consciously in the other forms on Interior Planes as it has previously done. Nor is the SELF-CONSCIOUSNESS of any one of those other forms in any sense depleted by the dissipation of that one form. Since the seat of Memory is in the Soul, the vehicle of the incarnating Ego in those reflected forms are fixed in that Soul Memory, whether it be the experiences of that one incarnation or a hundred thousand incarnations.”(TT II, REALITY, p. 27)

How else should we come closer to perfection, the last final goal of the human soul, if we could not be able to keep our IDENTITY, individuality and learning during both life and “death”?

Yours as always with love

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