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Compiled from Temple Teachings
by Annegret Liebig, April 2015                                  

Dear Temple-Sisters and -Brothers, dear Friends,

Easter-time is near and we open our hearts with delight to the softness and beauty of the shooting buds of the trees and bushes. We decorate our windowsills with the first hyacinths and tulips. The birds are singing cheerfully. The sun warms our body and soul, and we turn our attention to the happening of the resurrection that the nature shows us symbolical because we celebrate at this time of year the resurrection of the Lord, the victory of light over darkness.

The TT tells us about the regeneration and resurrection of the soul.

“Transmutation is accomplished by the action of spiritual fire, and by a process akin to an explosion.

It must be understood that this process is in fact the process by which the regeneration and resurrection of the soul of man takes place. The fire – spiritual light – accomplishes this by means of the two opposites of nature, pain and joy. It is well to remember that this fire or light is not an illusion. It does to the nature of man, just what objective fire does to matter; it either purifies or consumes.“ (TT I, Nr. 179, “Fire“, p. 447)

Before the resurrection comes the great Ordeal by Fire. And if the pilgrim passes this trial, he has to face the final degree, his resurrection from the tomb.

“After … his resurrection from the tomb … he may pass unhindered back and forth between upper and lower regions at will.“ (TT I, Nbr. 108, “The Great Temple” , p. 280)


Only one who has passed this final degree, and who can pass back and forth between all regions has the right – and the love – to say: “I shall stay with you until the end of time.”  As Jesus promised.

“We who believe in the perfect operation of Karmic law, cannot conceive of the suffering and crucifixion of Jesus as being due to anything but corresponding evil in some physical manifestation of the Ego which incarnated as Jesus; but this does not affect the statement that he died for the sin of the world, for the sins of the world were His sins in a double sense.”

The fact that Jesus first appeared to Mary Magdalene who stands even today as the epitome of all evil in woman, when his resurrection was completed, should teach those who presume to call themselves Christians the truth regarding this subject.

A true Occultist is never at loss to reconcile that statement with what he knows to be the requisite purity of body and mind for an accepted chela. Mary the mother stands for ignorant or passive purity – that state of purity that knows no temptation; Mary the Magdalene for conscious and active purity; two poles of one great attribute.“ (TT I, Nbr. 4, “Qualification for Chaelaship” p, 12)

By experience only do we get to know the positive substance forces that lead us the way to the Initiation Chamber.

“You will doubtless remember that it is said that after the resurrection of Jesus he bade one of his followers to refrain from touching him. Before his crucifixion he touched and healed many, and even his clothing brought healing to others.” (TT II, “The Holy Spirit” p. 100)

Why should His touch now, after his resurrection, not bring healing to people?

“At the beginning of every form of life as well as at its end is to be found a basic fire, and all fire at its base is electrical.” (TT II, “The Holy Spirit” p. 100)

“If a human body is charged with electricity even the lightest contact will affect another. It will depend upon whether the current is even or interrupted as to weather the shock is felt by the one so contacting the electrically charged individual.” (TT II, “The Holy Spirit”, p. 100)

We can easily imagine that the high electricity of the Holy Spirit will destroy everybody who has not overcome the grave.

But we are not left behind and alone without direction. Our direction is twofold.

“It remains for the disciples of the Masters to go out into the world, and in the highways and byways of life seek for the “seeing eye“, the “open ear,“ that they may help to stem the tide now set in for the destruction of degradation of the great ideals through which humanity has been raised to its present status.” (TT I, Nbr. 64, “Let there be Light,” p. 162

That is we have to open eyes and ears to find fellow combatants, clinging to the same ideals we have, in order to fulfill the second part of our order:

“If he is an accredited disciple of the White Lodge he goes with a message to the sick, the weary, the heart-atrophied human race, who, as it were, stand by their own open graves and know not that they are graves, or that they themselves are dead, and his mission is to help to resurrect them or keep them from entering these graves. And no matter what intervenes, nor how hard the Brother of the Shadow strive to keep their hold on the “dead in life,“ the disciple should cling to his message alone and should throw up that message as a shield against every weapon raised to injure him or his work. He should try to show his hearers the nature of the methods used by the black brothers to mix the issues and cripple his work by diverting the mind from the one all important subject of that message.” (TT I, Nbr. 98, “Questions answered by the Master,” p. 257)

It is important to have our Lamp kept alight and trimmed in order to be gifted with sight.

“When your inner senses have opened, and the wondrous reality bursts upon the vision of your soul, the last great analysis will prove there is nothing else left but love. For God is Love, and out of Love were all things created.” (TT I, Nbr. 18, “The Substance-Force of Love”, p. 44)

May the sun of the Easter-time fill our souls with delight.

Yours as always with love



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