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Collected from TT by Annegret Liebig. Dec.2012

Dear Temple Sisters and Brothers, Dear friends,

     Soon we celebrate Christmas again, the birth of the MASTER JESUS, who was “sent to be a Light to lighten the world”, to lighten the life of anybody who discern Him and his Mission.

     “The great aim and ambition of enlightened man is MASTERY and the word itself should indicate the process and result.  An enlightened man does not aim at mere MASTERY over worldly conditions. Such MASTERY is far more easily gained than is the MASTERY over the finer forces of nature and the absolute control of his lower self. So long as man can be controlled by his senses it is utterly impossible for him to arouse into new activity that now atrophied canter of the brain which is essential to the control of the higher creative forces.” (TT I, p. 429)

            “The Great Spirit is expressing its own pleasure and working out its own ends through the attainments of its myriad lives under a law fixed at the dawn of worlds. This law is the law of cause and effect, otherwise known as Karma. Through it the soul passes onward through the fields of time, reaping as it has sown – good for good, and evil for evil. Thereby learning the lessons of growth that are, in the ultimate, to win MASTERY over the world of form.

         By Karma and reincarnation, times of intense spiritual activity return periodically in the lives of an individual and in the life of the race. At such times the forces of the Avatar and of the high Masters next to Him are very powerful on the physical plane and helpful for all of those who are able to consciously respond. The redemption of the race is greatly quickened, and many souls win the crown of spiritual attainment that follows the conquest of the lower self and the conquering of the restrictions imposed by the material world.

         Because of this intense spiritual activity and this moment is such a time, “the time of harvest” at “the consummation of the age.” This is spoken of in the New Testament. This places the Temple and its Cosmic Office in a unique position. The Temple is of deep significance for all those who are capable of responding to the Inner Light and entering the Path upon the direct line of the Avataric work for the New Age. History repeats itself in many ways. It was said by the SAVIOR (more than) twenty centuries ago “the harvest indeed is plenteous but the laborers are few.” They are always few, because the War of the Ages invariably rages fiercely around that soul or group of souls placed at the focal point of the Avatar with the feet of the vulnerable mortal self on the “steep heavenly hill” that rises out of the wreckage of a dying age into the dawn of a new. Blessed is he who can hear the call and enlists in the army of the “Warriors of Light”, and having enlisted, endures to the end. For him is the Crown.” (TT II, p. 5/6, Fred Whitney)  

         We understand that it is a long way; the individual life has to go, until it is able to attain MASTERY. But periodically there is a faster development and a SAVIOR is borne.

         “Possessed of sufficient knowledge and of power over the natural forces of life, such a Master must possess to reach MASTERY, the latter would have no difficulty in accomplishing the descent from a higher to a lower plane for the purpose of aiding those in lower degrees of evolution…

         That a CHRIST is to come to the human race is beyond all question to those who have access to the astral planes, or those who believe in the countless prophesies of such an event. The real question is what are you individually going to do by thought, word and deed to open the way for His Coming?” (TT II, p. 176/9)

Until man can learn to dwell with his brothers in peace and unity upon earth, it is absolutely impossible for him to dwell with God in that conscious atonement which constitutes perfection.

         Every Master of the right hand path has gained his MASTERY in the midst of his brethren. True, he must go apart for a time, but only to gain strength to endure the stress and strain of physical environment.

         Enlightenment – assimilation of spiritual food – comes in loneliness and quietude, because it pertains to the spiritual life; but upon its attainment follows a period when that enlightenment – that force which has been generated in the silence, must be put to the service of the rest of the body temporal, or its compression or selfish use will be disastrous in the extreme to the individual. As steam compressed beyond a certain degree will burst asunder the receptacle which held it safely before it reached that degree, so the astral form of man may be burst asunder by the irrepressible force or power generated in that form by the attainment of conscious enlightenment, if not put to universal use.” (TT I, p. 40/1)

       “When an Occultist has reached an advanced stage of MASTERY, an effort of his will connects his individual power with the power of the Infinite – which must bring about the accomplishment of the desire behind the act of will. He could not will to perform an action out of harmony with the Divine Will. And the fact that he has willed the performance of some act is sufficient to show that he has been acted upon by the Divine Will to serve as an intermediary or converter of the Divine Will to lower forms of force and matter, upon which the Divine potency could not act without danger to the particular grade of matter acted upon, because of the higher vibration of the substance of Divine Will. This is the real secret of all evidences of willpower shown by Masters.” (TT I, p. 8)

         That indicates too, that it is necessary for us, step by step to gain MASTERY, in order to transform the Divine Aid, so it can act helpful upon the physical plane.

         “It is the ability to hold and sustain a positive attitude towards a common center of activity while the negative aspects of the evolutionary law are testing his stability that brings the disciple of the Lodge to a stage of MASTERY. Every central position of every natural division of life, whether it is of the mineral, vegetable, animal, or human kingdom, is held by one individual force or entity that has won its power to hold its own position. ….

         In common parlance it is “standing to its guns” in storm, tempest, and trial, until it has won to MASTERY over inhibiting conditions. ….

 “Where two or three are gathered together in my name”, i. e., in my vibration, “there am I”, the CHRISTOS, at the center, in the midst. And where the Master is the holding force of any center of organized life, the gates of hell cannot prevail against that center as long as the transmitters of the Master force symbolized by the balanced cross of power, or three, the triangle of protection, remain at their post.” (TT II, p. 62/5)

Happy Christmas!

Yours as always with love



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