Posted by on May 4, 2012

My Children:  I gave you these words many years ago.  On this important occasion when you gather together, I give them to you again:

Words of Harmony

“Preserve Harmony in your own soul and it will flow out to all others, for it is more powerful than you understand and more far-reaching. Sink all thought of self, all personal ambition, the small jealousies and suspicion which mar the heart’s melodies, in love of the work and devotion to the cause. Listen to the great song of love, compassion, tenderness; and losing yourself in that, forget these passing shadows. United, harmonious, your power is limitless; without these you can do nothing. See to it then that your tone in the great instrument be pure and clear, else discord will result. Behind all sin and suffering–shadows these–lie the divine harmonies of reality. These seek and finding, lose not.”

If you had no other words of mine to live by, you would be able to chart a clear course for yourselves through countless lifetimes ahead. All your daily, hourly labor must be directed toward freeing yourselves from the chains of personal desires, personal ambitions, jealousies, suspicions, and all others shadows that cloud the great song of love, compassion and tenderness.  This can only be done by one unifying choice at a time, over and over again until that unity is an integral part of your very being.  This is not a mental exercise, it is a becoming exercise.

Only as you are capable of apprehending and using the small details of life can you reach for and grasp the true Infinite Potency. It is power over the little things that leads in the end to power over the great.  If you are discourteous, unkind and selfish toward the least of the little ones of Christ, you are obstructing the very Christ currents in your own aura and making it impossible for the potency therein to manifest itself.

You must watch your attitude toward the small vexations of daily life. Those trivial things are capable of tearing down the seemingly safe walls you build about yourselves, leaving your souls naked in the silence that falls upon it after the stress and storm of those battering, disintegrating little worries and cares. These pile up like  pathless mountains thickly covered with brambles and briers that sting and tear till the mind grows desperate in contemplation.  When you imagine that some act of yours is such a “little thing” that it is of no consequence in the Divine Scheme of Life, you forget that the Divine Scheme is built of the small courtesies, the kindnesses, the smile, the complete acceptance of each other, the recognition of the unity of all created life.  The Divine Scheme is torn apart by anything less.

I ask you to listen to the great song of love, compassion, tenderness; and losing yourself in that song, know that  your power is limitless. Remember, my children, listening is not just simply hearing, it is drawing that song into every fiber of your being, that you may actually become the song.  You are choosing that becoming by every thought, word, and deed, every minute of every day.

Demonstrate such Harmony here and now at this Center, then take it back into the world at large and do not just talk about it.  Simply BE it, providing a beacon light of love, compassion, and tenderness to everyone you meet.

In tenderness I leave you,

Your Father/Brother, Hilarion