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      Compiled from TT by Annegret Liebig, August 2013


Dear Temple-sisters and –brothers, dear friends,


Today as in past times we see the same picture.

            “As far back in the annals of time as sacred and profane history can take you, and aeons before any of the records now recognized as authentic history were even thought out and tabulated; at a time when only the records of the astral light were available for research, the thinking animal, man, destroyed his opportunity for rapid advance in the LIFE SCALE by persitant disobedience to one divine law, the Law of Unity; and the same sad tale with all its ghastly details will sometime be recordet of the present generation. No matter how great the issue, how terrible the results both to themselves and the unborn races which follow them, personal ambition, lust for power or place, hatred with his brood of devils, will turn away the sheep-like masses of human beeings into separate channels, and nothing can hold those so actuated to the one great underlying principle of progress.” (TT I, Nr. 94, p. 246)


“On the other hand, there are among you those who gladden our hearts with unspeakable hope, those whose kindly encouraging words, in addition to their helpful deeds to and for others, whose sacrifices and efforts towards obedience are as dew to the parched soil to us who only await the right time and opportunity to express our gratification and extend a pelping hand to “our little ones” on a lower step on the LADDER of LIFE.” (TT I, Nr. 14, p. 36)


            But: “You cannot really help a man unless he chooses to be helped. All you may do, up to that point, is “bread cast upon the waters,” which may or may not return to you, and if he cannot see the advantage of your methods of procedure in the way of giving help, and you will not accept his estimate of his needs, there will be just one more lost opportunity for all concerned. In no other way is the truth of the importance of non-attachment to results more perfectly exemplified, for it schould make no fifference to you individually what the results of your helpful thought or deed my be, in what manner the help given is used, once our have decided to give that help.  …..

            While non-attachment to results is essential to attainment of the heighths of life, on the personal side of the equation it is equally true that the rungs of the LADDER of LIFE upon which you personally are climbing are built up by the opportunities for gratitude you have given the human souls you have helped to reach some one or more of these rungs. …..

            Remember, there is always place on the highest round of LIFE´S LADDER for him who can climb thus high. It is only the lower rounds of the ladder that are crowded by the climbers. Also remember that from the middle to the topmost round, each one is gained by renunciation energized by Discrimination.” (TT I, Nr. 99, p. 260/1)


            “Whenever you see a man rise to the highth of a great sacrifice you may be shure countless numbers of lesser sacrifices lie behind him, as you may be sure he is on the point of receiving the benefits he has thus earned, for justice rules the universe. Man builds his LADDER step by step if he would reach to an eminence.” (TT I, Nr. 135, p. 347)


            “Any position worth having, on either material or interior lines, seeks the man or woman because he or she has earned it; and it so seeks through the action of the cyclic law. It is “the least of these” who gain such recognition by reason of the child heart that obeys unquestioningly those who have the karmic right to such obedience, and so acts in conjunction with divine law. In the child heart, the dividing line – the confining force – is giving way. Spirit has refined soul, soul is refining body. There has occurred a change in such a life that has reversed the action of the force formerly acting as repulsion, and the force of attraction is now drawing together and combining all three, body, soul and spirit, on a higher plane of life, and the position of such an entity in the COSMIC SCALE is secure for all time.” (TT I, Nr. 85. p. 221)


            “We often hear the expression, “There is as much of the Christ in me as there was in Jesus,” but this is not true. There may be as much of that divine principle in such a one potentially, but there is not in actu.

            To whatever extent the principles and powers which constitute the Christos, the Son of God, are developed in any human being, to that extent he has become a Christ, a Saviour, and is worthy of like love and reverence. But we must not forget the fact of the mathematical perfection of the action of all natural law, and if one is not by divine right in some given position in the COSMIC SCALE of all manifested life, the forces and principles which are pre-eminently active in that position or state cannot act upon the personal self as potently as they can in the one person who has reached that karmic position, and consequently cannot be as worthy of the love, service and reverence of those who are in lower positions karmically on the sam SCALE.” (TT I, Nr. 71, p. 183)


            But even from a high step of the LIFE LADDER one can rush down headlong.

“The higher any attribute or energy is in the SCALE of LIFE the more powerful it is for good or ill, and the negative aspect of love evokes the cruelest, the most blinding, selfish, destrutive phase of the fiery elemantal lives on that scale.” (TT I, Nr. 116, p. 302)


            On the other side we read: “The negative aspect of any natural force or object is evil only because the forces of the negative aspect are use FOR evil. In no way is this truth more easily demonstrated than by the good man who is great enough to sink himself to the level of the man who has fallen low in the SCALE of LIFE and lost all hope of betterment. Only by reaching down to the level of the other man can he possibly understand the fall of the latter and lay the line of regeneration.” (TT I. Nr. 133, p. 342)


            We have to use our ability for intelligent discernment, and we get every opportunity to learn it.


            Yours as always with love


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