The Temple of the People was founded in Syracuse, New York, in 1898 by Francia A. La Due and William H. Dower. It is a continuation of the Theosophical teachings given to the world in the last quarter of the nineteenth century by Madame H. P. Blavatsky, a work carried on by William Quan Judge.

Theosophy blends the teachings of the religious beliefs of East and West in the study of humanity’s relationship to God. It gives a key to the art of living in accord with the Divine and natural plan of evolution, and honors humanity’s interdependence with all life.

In 1903, the Temple of the People moved to Halcyon, California. Under the laws of the state, it was incorporated as “Guardian-in-Chief of The Temple of the People, A Corporation Sole.” The unique and beautiful Blue Star Memorial Temple was erected in 1923 and consecrated to the highest ideals of service to and for humanity. The first Guardian-in-Chief was Francia A. LaDue. At her passing, Dr. William H. Dower became the second Guardian-in-Chief. Pearl F. Dower was the third, succeeded by Harold E. Forgostein. The present Guardian-in-Chief is Eleanor L. Shumway. The Temple of the People at Halcyon is the International Headquarters. Its membership reaches all over the world.