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Compiled from TT by Annegret Liebig, Oct. 2012

Dear Temple-sisters and –brothers, dear friends,

Acceptance has a lot to do with HARMONY, HARMONY inside and outside ourselves. How we experience a situation is our own responsibility. We are always tested at our Achilles heal, our weakest spot. According to our frame of mind there may be more of them. Our condition varies. We are permanently asked to do our actual best. At times that can be more or less. But still this “more or less” has consequences. The same situation is put in front of us once more.

“This is a Universe of Law and Order. If a single one of the Universal Laws could be broken by man with impunity, manifestation of Spirit in man and Nature would cease. While the forces of evil aroused to action by man`s efforts to break or suppress those Laws are overruled for his growth and development, the laws themselves are Eternal and Irrevocable. When man fully recognizes this fact, and understands and lives in perfect HARMONY with those laws, he becomes like God – All-Powerful.” (TT II, p. 24)

This is the final aim. Until we are there, we still have a lot of steps to go. I think it  is cheering, that all the bad things we do, knowingly and and often not knowingly,  in the final result serves us to make us able to understand the Law and to yield ready obedience. So I will not regard it as a punishment when I get the same lesson innumerable times, so I may see my mistake. Its more like a private lesson. That does not mean that I do like it. But perhaps it helps to want to avoid this fault. But it´s not eluding displeasure that should be our aim, but to choose the right thing because we want to do our best. It helps to remember not to work against something but for something.
Back to HARMONY that includes acceptance. In the dictionary Duden HARMONY is defined thus: “1) joining, fitting together, agreement, accord, union, 2) in educational art: symmetry, the balanced, quiet, moderate, regular proportion of all parts concerned 3) melodious sound of several sounds and chords in a musical movement.  To HARMONIZE is described thus: vote, mutual adjustment, bring into accord.”

We are looking for the themes, where we are able to agree, and that are best for everyone.

“This spirit of UNITY shall prevail independent of race, color, nation, organization, creed or caste of any kind. Utter selfishness is the great obstacle in the way of development. In our great greed for all and everything that can be of service to us individually, we pass by Love, Mercy and Justice, and grasp at every hope as a drowning man at a straw, regardless of what it may have cost others to extend a helping hand to us. If we perfectly realized the law of supply and demand we would be more careful. It is exact in its action. If one gives us something that is of great use and benefit to us, by that giving he has created a demand on us which, if we do not supply to the best of our ability, nullifies the gift as far as we are concerned. Spiritual truth cannot be sold, but if we are given a great truth we should immediately set about seeing in what way we can return to the giver an equivalent, or at any rate supply a need of his which is perhaps equal to ours. This interaction produces HARMONIOUS conditions which permit of mutual help. …..
The mission is preeminently one of HARMONIZING discordant elements and UNIFYING the separated parts of the scattered flock. One of its greatest efforts in this line is directed to persuading all to lay aside peculiar personal opinions and UNITE on the one fundamental plank that is acceptable to all – common UNITY based on the BROTHERHOOD OF MAN AND THE FATHERHOOD OF GOD:
In this presentation of Universal Truth and Principles no (separating) organizational lines, creeds, fees or dues exist. Spirit alone ensouls all things without form or obligation, each one following his own light within himself and his own particular field of endeavor, aspiration and influence, trying ever to realize the UNITY of All Things and the Great Father-Mother Source of all Being, through their own spiritual principles.
Contact or relationship with any church, organization, group or society with
which one may be affiliated, shall in no wise be interfered with or disturbed.” (TT II, p. 348/9, 350) Of cause there is no reciprocal disparage actions or persecution among the several groups either.

“The fearful and the unbelieving, as well as all sycophantic devotees of the Beast of Mammon, have invariably attempted to stop the progress of evolutionary development by building mental images of disaster and failure, or spreading nets of discouragement to entangle the energies directed by true lovers of the human race toward a common goal and a common good.” ( TT I, Nr. 29, p 64)

Let us try not to listen to these voices and instead to keep our strength for the creation and preservation of HARMONY. That is very important, because no one lives alone, everything influences each other.

“The visible sun is often said to be the generator of heat and light, but in fact it is like unto a concave mirror, and intercepts and gathers the etheric vibrations of sound, heat and light, and in turn throws them back into the receptive cushion or aura of the earth and the other planets of its evolutionary chain. The correspondence between such action of Cosmic forces upon each other, and the influence of one human being over another, is perfect, for the magnetic radiations of any aura reflected upon the auras of others, and by means of the action of the same great Cosmic light, and if the latter is intercepted by an antagonistic emanation, that which should have been a spiritual uplifting, upbuilding power for good, for both sender and receiver, becomes a disruption, deathly influence, or shadow, which is in the way of the light, (the truth), and through which each party must look at the other, consequently there is friction and hatred where there should be HARMONY and power.” (TT I, Nr. 66, p. 167)

But all sorrow, all consuming fire, is only a note in the scale of that glorious HARMONY, that only burns all imperfection, only destroys the chrysalis, and prepares conditions for the advent of the perfect angels of radiant light, Wisdom, Knowledge and Power. (regards content TT I, Nr. 27, p. 62)

Let us face our sorrows with acceptance and inner HARMONY.

Yours as always with love

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