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 December 11, 2016

I am constantly amazed as I read from the various teachings we have in our bound Temple books.  I have lived most of my life with these books, read them, studied them, pondered the meaning of the lessons contained within.  Then I come across the same reading I have done in years past and suddenly it is all new.  Suddenly it reaches my consciousness in new and stunning ways.

I want to share one such message from Master Hilarion and one short passage from Master Morya.  As you listen, imagine that these words are coming from His heart to yours, fresh, new this morning.  Put your inner self into the words and the ideals, the aspirations, and the Truth being presented in a different and meaningful way.  Clothe your soul and spirit with the Divine Love that flows through these messages.  I wish you the same inspiration that I have had.

First from Master Hilarion:

My Children:

         What would you have from me? A discourse, an incantation, a scientific invention, a treatise, philosophical or otherwise? I give you full Symphonic Score of Light and Harmony, direct from the Lodge and some among you can neither read nor hear for the glamour of passing pictures which calls your vision elsewhere or for the babble of sound aroused in controversy over the means and methods by which it reaches you or whether it bear one hand or another in its notation. I speak to all those who have called upon me, whether they be here or there, wherever they may be found, whether friend or foe, comrade or stranger; or whether the call has been silent, vocal, direct or indirect, conscious or otherwise. I have been called. I give answer.

         When ships are sinking, men are drowning, is it in keeping to deliver an oratorical dissertation or is it more consistent to throw a line, launch the life-boats, flash a light across the dark waters? If whirlwinds are passing, is it advisable to call the multitude into the open, or is it more considerate and sensible to hold the populace under safe protection, if possible? If an airplane be in distress in thick fog and darkness, [the pilot] desperately endeavoring to establish communication with point of land for aid and safe descent. Is anything accomplished by calling out military forces, loosing theatricals upon the public? Is it not a time for silent, efficient instantaneous response and relief, causing least excitement as possible to save confusion of further distress and calamity, keeping communication confined strictly and closely between the principals involved until the crisis be passed?

         What would you have? Is it truth you seek or is it form and garment, appearance and style? If it be truth, you have heard and found answer before now. And to you who have sought and known me in the silence of your own souls, through fidelity to trust and duty, performance of sacred obligations, fulfillment of holy vows, solemnly made and acknowledged by the Higher Self, in the Presence of The Great Companies and accepted by the same, I give renewed courage and strength, the blessing and love of The Brothers in the Name and Light of the Lodge.

         If it be garment and form you seek, know you not these are ever subject to change, that Truth alone is stable? Should it be appearance and style, know you not also these vary with conditions and time? How do you expect to be convinced of me? Have you already made answer for yourselves before you have called? Then where is the need to call? Have you pre-determined by which post reply shall be sent you, which color and design of stamp shall be used? Are these main points of importance to you, or is it of more special value to you that response be safely secured to you, the necessary information and guidance be vouchsafed to you? What freedom do you grant unto me? By what limitations do you restrict me? You call me Master. You would hold me as slave, shackled, bound to time and point and plane and procedure. Servant I would be to all, but Servant and Master in One, as I would you also would be, if we are to come together as One in and through the Lineage of Love, Conscious Knowledge and Relationship, Mutual Helpfulness, Kindness, Unchangeable purpose in Obedience to the Highest, in Service to the Lowest.

         By these means, these avenues, these powers, do I reach you. Not by the passing winds, disturbing waves, etheric disturbances, roaring currents.  With subtle devices do I come. Through constancy of devotion, common language, silent intercourse, sympathetic feeling, by the steadfastness of long years association, you should know me by this time, and know without hesitation or question. If the Voice of a Father be not known save under certain conditions or by some one inflection; if the Hand of a Mother be not recognized when change of pen is made, I can only say, draw nearer, read closer, feel deeper, for you are indeed afar off and no outer means will avail you in ascertaining. A parent is not so because of outer feature or figure, but by reason of spiritual, psychic, molecular, cellular Law.  Within the very blood stream itself is determined the relationship to souls from the long past, and for growth, development, service in the present; and with ever increasing, intensifying consciousness in the long spiral sweep inward to That from which it sprang.

         . . . The system of cosmic evolution, the Law of Parent and Off-spring by which worlds are brought into being and pass again into their primordial essence is the same law by which human beings are born and die and reincarnate, but on a greater, vaster scale. Spirit and form pass through the seven worlds, in parallel streams giving expression in more and more life, forming a Chain and series of Chains of Evolution which are watched over by the Spiritual Beings, Rulers, Angels or Devas of the Seven Chains and Worlds, until the Cosmic Scheme is completed and the ultimate becomes the source once more, and another Stride of Evolution is covered by the Giant Fohat, another Period of Manifestation completed. Back of and within all matter, force and consciousness this Law operates. If it be violated, if attempt be made to repudiate it through denial of ideal, or betrayal of that which has presented, fostered and nurtured it, whether it be on outer, physical plane, mental or spiritual, the action of forces is one and the same and in degree and intensity in accordance with the Law of Forces on the plane on which it occurred.

         The shock of precipitation in such instances, the disturbances, molecular and otherwise, necessarily entail suffering, complexities, difficulties, until the line is re-established, the Chain re-welded. The sad part is it may not be possible to bring the re-uniting about until many incarnations have been experienced, for the wrong must be expiated, the last jot of justice rendered to all the myriad lesser lives scattered by the Armies of the Four Cardinal Winds into the Unseen Corners where they must once again be found and called together unto their own.

         The Winds of Life sweep at certain periodical intervals for the same reason and with even greater exactitude than the winds of outer nature blow, that whatever be withered, useless, dead and obstructing the way of growth may be swept from the Path that the new and better may live and blossom. In such manner the winds of emotion, sense, intellectuality sweep over individual lives, organizations, nations, races, humanity as a whole, for good or ill as the Keepers of the Gates permit. At such times mind and body oft-times are terrorized and dash madly, wildly about, crying for help, or rending the air with vituperous accusations for precipitation of the storm; or boldly defying the Ruling Powers through hollow declarations of superiority, forgetting altogether that they themselves are the cause and adjuster in one; the comptroller and pacifier alike lie hidden deep within the silence of their own souls and spirit, waiting to respond at first call upon them and to do the bidding of the mind whenever it can be still enough, can create calm enough, placid surface to permit the constructive, building, cohesive forces from within to take hold and master the situation. The race as well as the individual must grow by periods of intense activity, must be tested by conditions of severe strain. At such times they must hold an equilibrium by means of steady, strong, centralized power to stand still and wait for the storm to pass. Stand still without yielding principle and faith, that the higher qualities which hold spirit and mind in form, may direct their evolutionary course, reveal the Guiding Hand that shall point the Way definitely, clearly. Planets come into existence and hold themselves in being through spinning spiral motion, but where would the planets be, where would be the grandeurs of the constellations, the eyes of the soul feast upon, if the heavenly orbs were to leave their center and swing out into space following after such swift passing comet as it hisses by? Chaos would reign supreme.

         You wonder why all this elaboration on a subject such as this at this particular time? You have called for much. It is given you. It is left for you to discern the application for yourselves. The lesson of the past year, the key to the coming one, is included in what has been said herein. Suns or stars, planets or comets, we each have our own choice of becoming, and according as we choose so shall we become, as surely as the words now uttered fall upon your ears.

         In order that he shall not always walk in ignorance, from darkness to deeper darkness, the Inner Winds of Life are loosed within humanity at the Season of Man Know Thyself, and are allowed to take their Course until their work is fulfilled.

         Mind, Intelligence, Voice, Name, Reason, Thought, Fire––the Higher Self––are the Seven Life Winds, the Seven Harmonies, the Seven Priests of the Temple of Life who enter into all activities, officiate within and throughout all the planes of Being, all the grades of Life.

         Upon the Priesthood of The Temple of the People, upon the Priesthood within the soul of each individual member, upon the Priesthood throughout mankind, in every organization, rank and file, class, government, slum, state, society, rests the responsibility of awakening man to the on-coming Season of Know Thyself. And upon their power of Awakening to the Call of the Seven Winds, officiating purely, serving truly, depends the promise of the Season of “Man Know Thyself”, coming to Fulfillment in the Present Day of Humanity.

         You have been given a Great Message, the Message of the Lodge assembled in important convention session on inner planes of force and power. Mighty forces have been impacted into your midst for unifying, constructive work, effort, and influence in your individual lives and auras, for the organization and specially called group of which you are a part, and for transmission into the world at large, that it may draw upon and recognize the character and nature of forces with which this center is charged. Be awakened, benefitted and uplifted thereby.

         Mighty forces, I have said, have been interjected into your midst. Do not take them lightly. It remains to be seen if you can use them wisely, for the purposes intended, or whether they shall be denied, ignored, wasted, dissipated, squandered, misused generally in slothfulness, indulgences, and inertia of the personal. It is more difficult to use rightly, to transmit freely, a direct impact of high Lodge force, especially at the present time and hour of evolution than it is to boldly stand against the enemy in defense and protection of that which is most near and dear to you and to us as well. The more strongly you can realize that steady, constant, positive living in transmission of such forces is the greatest protection and defense you can possibly possess, the easier it will be for you in every way; for the Higher Law itself can then work with you to best advantage for all.

         Guard each thought, word and deed. Of most importance is it to bear in mind to know well your motive at all times, that it be clean and pure, single, true, attuned to the Highest you can conceive, in sympathy with the principles of pledges taken, as well as to the [the Masters who are..]Sponsors of The Lodge through whom you have declared allegiance and obligation to the Higher Law.

         It is a vital mistake for a disciple to think or take attitude that he or she can remain true to principle or pledge, and be disloyal, attack, or work at variance in any way with the one by or through whom a pledge has been taken or administered. He may have taken the pledge, as it is to be hoped he has, to the Higher Self. He may not be able to understand the outer acts and procedures of the administrator of a pledge he has taken; he may even differ diametrically with him in opinion in regard to events and proper handling of them, but he should be able to hold that difference in abeyance, to maintain a quietness of equilibrium, to stand loyal in faith and trust, that disturbances of other or more serious nature may not arise, and give opportunity for understanding and adjustment to come to pass. He would thereby declare his own light far more effectively, to far greater purpose than by placing himself in juxtaposition or converse relationship with the Sponsor [or Master] through and to whom his allegiance was accepted. Such relationship cannot be broken without doing incalculable damage to himself, bringing sorrow and test to all those who stand in karmic relationship with him, and increasing the burden of the Sponsor {or Master] to his vow. For that one stands for and is in the place of his Higher Self to a great degree, in the economy of the Lodge Scheme, and cannot be denied or ignored with spiritual impunity, because of the occult law and fact of having been chosen to register the pledge of the disciple in The Name of the Higher, Universal Self of The All.

         Therefore, think well before you sever connection with such a Point of Allegiance in whatsoever body you may be associated, in whichever department of the Lodge you may be assigned in service, if so be, you have called your Higher Self as witness when your vows were pronounced, lest you regret at some time when you will be unable to restore that relationship without great cost of sacrifice. He who blocks the way for an accepted Lodge Agent must make it [the way] clear again before he can receive full flow of inner current for himself.

         Few are able as a rule to understand this law, which is the law of parent and child, referred to in the first section of this communication, and are unable to discriminate truly, or to stand and act in accordance with it when realizing. Too many selfish desires, mixed or ulterior motives enter in, to cloud and weaken the will. The strain becomes too severe upon the auric vehicle. The weakest part yields, gives way under pressure, or unable to bear the dynamic action of forces, hurls them back upon themselves and so unsettles, undoes or destroys the vehicle through which they are working.

         You are given power and privilege to consciously become Sons and Daughters of the Lodge, because of a right won in battles well fought, and are now given increased opportunity to use that power anew for yourselves, to lift the maimed and suffering on every side, to draw closer and yet closer together to one another and to me, or you can let that power turn and rend you as you will. You can also do with me as you wish, in so far as you are individually concerned. I and my work are protected by those Greater than I who have placed a trust into my keeping. That trust shall be fulfilled. It can be delayed or jeopardized, however, by opposing conditions. You also are under protection; but you as disciples, and minor agents of your own aspiration and choosing, make and must bear your own individual karma for good or ill.

         The Path of Discipleship is strewn with the wreckage of mistakes, animosities and misdoings. [Like]  Broken-winged birds vainly trying to rise in flight, falling to the ground again at each renewed effort. … All the forms of the lower nature, molded for destruction, lie in wait to be conquered. Some are the result of your own doing, some from the faults of others. In either or any case, they can only be mastered, transmuted, through the Law of Love, Fidelity, Labor and Effort in the Cause of Truth and Light. You have been made recipients of That which can lift, heal and redeem these elements; give them place and opportunity to stand and serve once more in the Ranks of the Armies of Light, and you will be held responsible for your use and application of That power.

         It is the Hero Path of Life you walk. The coward –– the foolhardy––cannot remain thereon. The weak-hearted soon become dismayed and faint as they gaze upon the wreckage strewn along the Way. If you expect to greet the Morning of the Advent of the Shining One, you must be able to walk the Path with Purpose of Light and Truth repelled by naught you see or encounter as effect of your own or another’s act. You must walk as one unwavering; steer your course safely through all complexities, difficulties, multiplicities; walk as a Master, who stoops to lift, to gather all things good or bad, beautiful or obnoxious, unto himself, there to purify, illumine, transcend them with the Light of his own Being; embrace them within the folds of his own Unspotted Robe; vitalize, reconstruct, make them strong again, once more to set their feet upon the Path that leads to Light. You are traveling the Highway of Life at a time when the Pageant of Souls is passing at high pressure, swift speed, increasing daily, hourly in intensity. As you quicken yourselves with Singleness of Purpose attended with concentration and conservation of force and effort in devotion to your fellow man, and your God, the Father-Mother Source of Life and Being, so shall your ideals be reached, your dreams realized, your joy be full.

         Song birds are singing in joyous chorus welcoming a Glad New Day. Join with them, rejoice with them as gray dawn lifts to reveal the Splendors of the Sunrise of Conscious Union with the Universal Christ of Light and Peace.

         With love and tenderness past telling, I am,

                                     –––THY FATHER-BROTHER HILARION.

Master Morya tells us where to find that connection with
All That Is in the message that follows.


          Would you hear what I would speak? Then seek within. Would you feel my Presence near? Seek within. Would you see and know the light? Would you find and hold the Path? Then seek within. Would you climb to greater heights? Kinder, truer, more courageous poised compassionate, nobler be? Would you learn and admit your faults and make them good by better living? Then seek within, I say. Mark and evidence you would have that I am with and near you, that I walk and talk with you. And you would have others know it too, for you would have them know you worthy. Again and yet again I say: Then see within. Only so can you know me. Only so can you reach me. Only so can you reach others, prove and make plain to them that you and I are one, know one another, as they and I may also know and be, if they too seek within.


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