Special Announcements

Convention 2022¬†— Please visit our Convention page for information about the 123rd Convention, which will be held online and in person, August 6-14.

New website content¬†— We’ve launched a new website page featuring the Hiawatha paintings of Harold Forgostein. Click here to view Legend of the Peace Maker.

COVID-19 notice — Due to the ongoing pandemic, most Temple classes and services have moved online. If you are interested in participating, please reach out to us using our contact form. The daily noon Healing Service is conducted in the Temple with social distancing in place. For the text of the noon service, see our noon service page. The Enter the Silence service on the last Sunday of each month will be observed in our own homes. The William Quan Judge Library, the Hiawatha Lodge, the University Center, and Halcyon guest accommodations are closed until further notice.

About the Temple of the People in Halcyon, California

The Temple, founded in November, 1898 in Syracuse, New York, moved to Halcyon, California, in 1903. The Halcyon community, clustered around the Blue Star Memorial Temple, is actively dedicated to living the Teachings of the Temple. Halcyon has been designated a federal and state historical site.

These Teachings endeavor to help us learn the ability to realize one’s human and divine form of life. The freedom which comes through such balance is attained when the desire, the wonder, and the love of learning the truths of our divine spiritual unity is balanced by continuous efforts to apply them to the realization of this unity in everyday affairs. The Temple Teachings, firmly rooted in Theosophy, are filled with practical directions which help us in all aspects of our lives.

The Temple of the People has always recognized the value, importance, and self-responsibility of each individual. Its reason for being rests on the inviolability of the Golden Rule. The foundation stones of the Temple are Religion, Science, and Economics: there can be no true religion without its scientific basis, and there can be no right system of economics not based on a science that is religious and a religion that is scientific. Therefore, these three aspects are all important.