Begin Anew

Given In The Temple, by Eleanor L. Shumway, Guardian in Chief,  March 23, 2014

Remember George Harrison’s statement, “The tendency of the occult student is toward indefiniteness of statement due to his constant dealing with generalities.  He is too inclined to define something he does not understand in terms of something else he does not understand.”  So let us speak in specifics when possible, and in terms that criticize no one, and honor everyone. Continue reading

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“More Responsibility”

Top of Form

Bottom of Form




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Ещё больше ответственности

Составила по Учениям Храма, Аннегрет Либиг, январь 2014 года

Дорогие братья и сёстры по Храму, дорогие друзья,

Наступил Новый Год. Мы смотрим на него в уверенности, что всё, что

происходит служит в целиком для позитивного развития. Во всяком случае это то,

что рекдмендуется, поддерживать посредством наших чувств и мыслей хорошее, и

не давать плохому добавочный стимул. В этом сосотоит наша Continue reading

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Open House: “Vignettes From The Past”

The Temple of the People is launching a new exhibit with an open house at the Halcyon University Center on January 18, from 2:00 to 4:00 pm. Entitled “Vignettes from the Past,” the show features pieces from the community’s rich, colorful history, including Halcyon pottery, art, artifacts, and furniture gathered since the move of the Temple to Halcyon in 1903.  This event also commemorates the birthday of one of the founders of the Temple, Francia A. LaDue, on January 19, 1849. The public is warmly invited to attend. The University Center Art Gallery is located at …..Temple Street in the Town of Halcyon. For further information, call the Temple office at 489-2822.

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The Coming Avatar

Given In The Temple, by Eleanor L. Shumway, Guardian in Chief,  December 8, 2013

There is an increasing body of research among Biblical scholars that suggest that the story of the birth of Jesus is not accurate.  It is clear the Gospels contradict each other.  HPB was very specific about the discrepancies in her works.   We usually neglect to read these stories in the light of the times in which they took place, forgetting such stories were crafted to fit the needs of those times. Does this mean we should abandon 2000 years of traditions, along with the myths and stories of this miraculous birth?  Or can we accept that such myths and stories have power far beyond cold facts. With our inner knowing we realize that Truth, spiritual truth, is much deeper and stronger than the facts in history books. Continue reading

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Given In The Temple, by Eleanor L. Shumway, Guardian in Chief,  August 18, 2013

We have just finished a very powerful Convention week.  I watched with interest as we all responded to these high forces being poured in on us as we met in all kinds of social or spiritual configurations.  There were times when, I am sure, it felt snarly, not spiritual.  It can feel as if we were eating ten dark chocolate bars at once!  However, now we have time to begin the digestion process, and to put into practice the charges we have been handed. Continue reading

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The Master’s Message to the Convention 2013

Templars All:  Many years ago as you count time I told you that the suggestions and thoughts, as well as the force given you through the annual messages from me are for the definite purpose of sustaining and guiding you during the coming year, and helping wherever possible to avoid repetitions of past mistakes.  This can only be done as you hold these words in your consciousness, as you use them as a guide or chart to draw upon in your efforts.  Otherwise, why should time be wasted by Me in giving them to you, or by you in listening to a passing reading. Continue reading

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Ladder of Life


      Compiled from TT by Annegret Liebig, August 2013


Dear Temple-sisters and –brothers, dear friends,


Today as in past times we see the same picture.

            “As far back in the annals of time as sacred and profane history can take you, and aeons before any of the records now recognized as authentic history were even thought out and tabulated; Continue reading

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Given In The Temple, by Eleanor L. Shumway, Guardian in Chief,  July 14, 2013

July 14, 2013

Convention has always been an uplifting battle of one sort or another.  As the Convention forces converge on this Center, all of us have felt those feelings of intense pressure that we misinterpret as being the result of our neighbor’s stereo or dog, or the pressure of life and our own weariness, or someone’s remark about a particular act of ours.  Caught in the heat of the moment it is very difficult to step back onto the plane of forces to see how the high gathering energy is impacting our actions.  But the most important first step we can take is that of knowing that such a step is even possible and that we can then have a different kind of control over our own reactions. Continue reading

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“Two Lives” Now Available in French

Thanks to a new translation from LES ÉDITIONS DU IIIe MILLÉNAIRE, the influential Russian novel “Two Lives” is now available in French. The four-volume edition may be purchased through Agence du livre.

Many Russian-speaking members and friends of the Temple have been inspired by K. E. Antarova’s “Two Lives” and the profound principles of personal moral and ethical progress outlined therein. Written during the 1940s, it was not widely published in Russia until 1993. Now, this new translation into French makes the book accessible to a much wider audience than it has heretofore enjoyed.

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A Different Perspective

Given In The Temple, by Eleanor L. Shumway, Guardian in Chief,  June 9, 2013

Many of us have computers, IPads, smart phones and email, Twitter, YouTube, and endless other social sites. 
Through all of these we regularly get inspirational, thought-provoking material sent by friends, as well as commercial sales pitches and other kinds of junk mail that can clog our devices.  However, I have recently gotten some of the former, thought-provoking variety that made me stop and think about the message in conjunction with our teachings.  I want to share them with you and then, using these messages as a springboard, explore some of our teachings, perhaps from  a different perspective. Continue reading

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