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Radiance from Halcyon, a Utopian Experiment in Religion and Science

Radiance from Halcyon is an intriguing account of how the little-known utopian religious community Halcyon profoundly influenced modern science. Paul Eli Ivey’s narrative offers a wide-ranging cultural history, encompassing Theosophy, novel healing modalities, esoteric architecture, Native American concepts of community, socialist utopias, and innovative modern music.



Pauline Gibling Schindler: Vagabond Agent for Modernism, 1927-1936

Pauline Gibling Schindler was a fascinating modern artist with ties to Halcyon. This article by John Crosse discusses her life and contains her memorable descriptions of Halcyon in the 1930s.




Theosophy Watch

Theosophy Watch is a useful site with lots of good information about modern Theosophy.